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COOKIE policy

Legal disclaimer

The content provided here is only a general and technical explanation and information regarding the creation of a cookie policy. The content cannot necessarily be relied upon as legal advice or recommendations, as the specific terms to be established between your business and your customers and visitors cannot be known in advance. We recommend that you seek professional legal advice to understand the requirements of the Terms of Use and to assist you in drafting them.

Cookie Policy – Principles

In certain jurisdictions, websites are required to notify visitors when they use cookies or similar technologies to collect personal information. In such jurisdictions, local regulations may include clarifying the types of tracking tools installed on websites (e.g. cookies, Flash cookies, web beacons, etc.) and the types of personal information collected using these technologies. This may include an obligation to clearly state to website visitors the purpose for which the technology will be used.

Please consider that third-party services that set cookies or use other tracking technologies through Wix's Services may have their own policies regarding how they collect and store information. Wix's Privacy Policy does not apply to such external services.

For more information, see our help center article “Cookies and Wix Sites"Please refer to.

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